Our sports club is in the process of rebranding itself from Super Secret Moves (a sports club dedicated to dance in general) to Club Westie (a sports club specialized in West Coast Swing).

So far, I have drawn a logo which I think is expressing a lot of what we stand for: two happy smileys (because it’s a couple dance and it’s fun) and a logotype which is not too straight and has some movement to it (Fonts: Chill Script Regular and Cafeteria Black)

So far, so good — but I wanted the logo to "sparkle" a bit more. So I was looking for some elements to make the logo a bit more expressive. Since I’m not great at illustration, I found some musical notes on Adobe Stock which had a nice little bend to them, and added them and some stars to the type as well as some burst lines to the smileys to make them "beam with joy" even more:

I like the general direction these decorations (musical notes, stars, burst lines) are going, but skill-wise, I felt out of my depth doing this last step and I’m not sure whether I executed it well enough. Which is why I would like some pro help here.

Maybe it’s just the distance or sizing of the elements, but I think the logo is somewhat out of balance (or too cluttered?) now. I’m happy with the smileys and the font, but the decorative elements can be exchanged / repositioned / cancelled altogether etc. If you think the logo and the font need some tweaking too, sure, go for it 🙂

My .ai file of the logo can be download here and the Adobe Stock file which I used for the musical notes is here